Padang Aro-The Government of South Solok District, West Sumatra hopes the revitalization of Kawasan Seribu Rumah Gadang (Thousand Gadang Houses Area) will increase the number of tourism visits to the area, thus lifting the economy of surrounding community.

"Revitalization will be carried out by related ministry and there are also directives from tourism practitioners such as Dony Oskaria and community," Task Force Head of Public Relations and Protocol of South Solok Firdaus Firman stated in Padang Aro on Thursday.

He mentioned the Regent of South Solok, Muzni Zakaria along with tourism practitioners namely Yori Antar, Jay Subiakto, Hartati had gone to related ministry to equate perceptions of revitalization and restoration of Thousand Gadang Houses Area to be done.

In general, he said South Solok has complete tourism potential ranging from nature tourism, culture, religion and there is Thousand Gadang Houses Area which is the icon of regional tourism.

The area has been known nationally since crowned as the most popular traditional village in the event of Enchantment Indonesia 2017.

"Thousand Gadang Houses Area is growing in popularity after President Joko Widodo launched a total revitalization," he added.

Previously President Joko Widodo proclaimed the total revitalization of Thousand Gadang Houses Area in South Solok during the peak of National Press Day (HPN) 2018 in Danau Cimpago, Padang.

"Later, the revitalization as well as a prototype for the existing of gadang house in West Sumatra, especially custom homes in all corners of the country," he added. (cha)

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