Parit Malintang-The Government of Padangpariaman District, West Sumatra develops areca nut to become one of the new flagship in order to improve the farmer's economy in the area.

"In addition to coconut and chocolate, the potential of areca is also quite large in Padangpariaman as a commodity addition of our superior," Head of Plantation Agriculture and Food Resilience of Padangpariaman, Taufik Hidayat stated in Parit Malintang, Tuesday.

The potential of areca nut is supported by the character of farmers and no pests that will disrupt the growth and productivity.

"So even though there are many apes in the area, but it will not disturb the areca nut," he added.

In addition, the price of areca lately is also relatively expensive so that the current farmers have started to direct the plantation to areca nut.

To make areca nut as one of the leading commodities, it has set up a high-yielding block (BPT) in Nagari Sikucua, Kampung Dalam Sub-district, to produce superior seeds and certified.

"The CPM will produce 500 seeds of areca nut and 250 local betel nut," he said.

The location of areca nut planting is planned in the coastal area because the community's economy in the area is still low compared to hills identical to the plantation.

Currently the areca production in the area reaches 800 tons per year and is expected through the CPM that has been created then the productivity of commodity increases and the farmer's economy too.

Meanwhile, one of the local areca nut farmer Dedi Salim said the pin production has reached 12 kilograms per day or 360 kilograms per month with 200 tree trees planted in 2001.

"In 2014, I planted another 500 stems and now it is starting to bear fruit," he said.

To peel the skin with areca nut, he requested assistance to local housewives with a wage of Rp2,000 per kilogram so that when multiplied, the wages earned by mothers can reach Rp24,000.

"So if the mothers also take wages peeled peanuts from other farmers, then the average income of mothers can be Rp50 thousand per day," he added.

Areca nut prices in the area is currently Rp10 thousand to Rp12 thousand per kilogram, the price is down because previously it could reach Rp20 thousand per kilogram, he added.

 Sumber (Antara Sumbar)